Wind Speed Infomation

BERR provides a wind speed database which contains estimates for the annual average wind speeds throughout the UK. You can locate it via the British Wind Energy Association website:

Each value stored in the database is the estimated average for a 1km square at heights 10m, 25m or 45m above ground level. You can use the database to estimate wind speeds in your general area for a particular mast/tower height.

This tool is insensitive to fine details of local topography. As these can dramatically change the wind conditions at any given site, you should only use the database as a rough guide. Nevertheless it can give you an idea of whether your site is in a low, medium or high wind speed area.

Wind Speed Class Annual average wind speed

    low < 5 m/s
    moderate 5-7.5 m/s
    high >7.5 m/s

The UK wind speed database works using a six character Ordnance Survey grid reference. To find your grid reference you can use the following post code conversion tool, from Streetmap:

If you need more certainty of wind conditions prevailing at your site you should monitor wind speeds directly with an anemometer for at least several months and ideally for a year or more.

If you are strongly dependant on the economics of a wind turbine you should consider having an independent wind speed assessment made.


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