The Feed In Tariff (FIT's) for Wind Turbines

Please note that the information regarding FITs tariffs is subject to Government legislation and change. Although we try and  keep the figures quoted below up to date we suggest you check out the following link for any new changes we have as yet not listed.  The Feed-in Tariff scheme .  Alternatively view our web links re Feed-in Tariffs.


Wind Turbines are a fantastic way of generating renewable electricity.
Wind turbines are one of the best ways of obtaining a guaranteed return on your investment.
Get Cash Rewards for producing green energy.
From April 2010 MCS approved installations are eligible to benefit from Feed In Tariffs (FITs). Note also that the government intends to introduce permitted development rights for wind turbines removing the need for planning permission in many cases, this although not ratified yet will be a great step forward.
To estimate the average wind speed in your area visit the UK wind speed database. You need lower wind speeds than you might anticipate with average wind speeds as low as 5 m/s being sufficient, but of course, the greater the average wind, the greater the income from the wind turbine.
The turbine income consists of three parts:

  1. The savings made from using the electricity produced on site.
  2. The income made from selling unused units of electricity back to the utility company. This although not a huge sum at between 3 & 5 pence per unit, feels good, as you are paid by the utility company.
  3. The feed in tariff, this is a 20 year, guaranteed, index linked payment for all electricity produced by the turbine, not just that portion being sent into the electrical grid.

The following table shows the feed in tariffs per kilowatt hour for the range of wind turbines installed by Use The Wind. This rate is paid regardless of whether you use the electricity yourself or export it to the national grid.

TechnologyTurbine SizeTariff p/kwh (October 2012)
Wind >1.5 - 15kw 28
Wind >15 - 100kw 25.3
Wind >100 - 500kw 19.7
Wind >500 - 1500kw 9.9

Just as an example; for a Gaia wind turbine, at 11kw the feed in tariff is 28p per unit.


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